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Jeffery L. Miller

Hand on Wheel

After receiving Chemistry and Medical degrees, I ventured to the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda to pursue Molecular Biology and Hematology Board Certification under the mentorship of Dr. Arthur Nienhuis. After several years, I became the tenured leader of the Molecular Genomics and Therapeutics Section of my Institute. My scientific expertise focused on erythroid and transcriptome biology. It was my privilege to lead a team pursuing several genome-based discoveries related to anemia, transfusion medicine, and iron biology that were aimed toward improving global health. Several fine pre- and post-doctoral students assisted in those discoveries. Much of the work would have been impossible if not for my outstanding laboratory manager and flow cytometrist.


During those many years, I developed a true appreciation for the beauty of the human genome and its many products...from base pairs and chromatin folds to micro- and messenger RNA...a beauty that can only be described as divine. Once my group achieved our goal of reversing the erythroid biological clock in the laboratory, I decided to retire from academic life and pursue the creation of genetic art.

Ceramic hand building is particularly rewarding based upon its primal imperfection, complex chemistry, and my intense curiosity during each firing.

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